About Us

Andy and Cristal MontgomeryAndy and Cristal Montgomery are excited to welcome you to Aurora on George – a stunning, new motel in Dunedin that has provided a fresh direction for both of them.

Prior to working in the motel industry, Andy and Cristal have lived and worked in Dunedin for 30 and 20 years respectively.  Andy grew up in Invercargill and spent some time as a youngster living overseas with his family before returning to Dunedin to attend Otago Boy’s High School in 1983.  Cristal grew up in South Auckland and moved to Dunedin to study in 1994.  Both studied Physical Education at the University of Otago and worked in the Fitness Industry during that time and after – this was how they met.  Andy went on to continue his studies in Rehabilitation while working and Cristal completed a further degree in History and attended the Dunedin Teachers College.

Andy has worked for the NZ Police for 18 years as a Physical Education Officer and runs the Dunedin branch of the World Ki Do Federation - Hapkido Club (Korean Martial Art of Self Defence).  He also enjoys mountain biking and is always excited to discuss the many tracks in and around Dunedin (and further afield) – so let him know if you are looking for somewhere fantastic to ride!  Cristal worked for 10 years as a Secondary School teacher specialising in the education of students with behavioural needs, she then sought a change in direction and worked for the BNZ as a Banking Advisor.  After practising Bikram Yoga at the local Dunedin studio the urge to teach returned and she spent close to 3 months in Thailand in late 2014 training to be a Bikram Yoga teacher.  The local studio is only a few blocks away and well within walking distance so if you feel like taking a Bikram Yoga, Hot Flow or Yin Yoga class, just let her know!

Andy and Cristal have a young daughter Jessica, and family throughout New Zealand and Rosey and Monsterr (the kitty cats) both of whom are rescues. Monsterr hasn't quite made it to the Motel yet and still lives at home but you might catch a glimpse of Rosey here and there though she is very timid around strangers.  You might see her in the garden early in the morning or later in the evening - usually treats have been involved!!!

One of the many things they share in common is their passion for Dunedin and sharing this with you – Dunedin is a wonderful place to live, visit or pass through so please don’t hesitate to grab one of them for some advice about where to go and what to do – they’re always happy to help. 

Chris and Adrienne RoyFrom time to time you might also see Chris and Adrienne Roy, the co-owners of Aurora on George. They have been in the Dunedin motel industry for over 8 years and are long-time Dunedinites. They could be floating around the complex or giving Andy and Cristal a well-deserved break. They are thrilled to be involved in this new venture with a younger and energetic couple. It won’t be long before the new dogs are teaching the old dogs some tricks.