Our Response to Covid



If you are requiring accommodation at this time – we think it is important that you know what we, as a business are doing, in response to the COVID-19 crisis. We understand the uncertainty and the anxiety this is causing everyone. We; Adrienne, Chris and Jaren Roy and Kayla; are committed to providing you with superior accommodation, that is comfortable, restful and safe. We are fastidious in our pledge to provide the a room and motel facility that has procedures in place for your health and well-being. We have strict cleaning protocol and social distancing policies and procedures, adhering to the Ministry of Health COVID-19 information and governmental requirements to ensure that we do not spread this virus. We care.

This is what we do and expect from our guests also:

  1. Social Distancing – staying at least 2 metres from another person (and Blitz our cat)   for no longer than 15 minutes in duration at any given time. Where possible we ask that guests contact us from the room phone. This is tough as we love the face-to-face contact that typically personifies our guest experience.
  2. Rigorous handwashing, cough and sneeze practices (Don’t touch your face!)
  3. Sanitisation and deep clean of units when it is vacated by a guest – all bedding, linen, towelling is laundered, upholstery & cushions steam-cleaned and surfaces disinfected and sanitised.
  4. We have removed some of the more difficult items to sanitise such as the hardcopy Compendium (a copy of which is emailed to the guest on check in) and comforters – which can be requested by guests.
  5. We no longer service units while guests are staying. We provide cleaning product in the rooms for guests to use should they require it, and still offer a towelling and linen exchange and rubbish collection each morning. Where a guest is staying for a longer period of time; they are moved to a new room so the room can be cleaned by staff; further protecting our guests and our staff.

This list is evolving as the nature of the virus impact changes. We provide all guests with the most up-to-date information of our practices at time of their stay.